3 Ways to Get a Perfect Smile

Now more than ever, your smile is important. With people constantly posting pictures of themselves on social media, if you just can't keep up because you're too self-conscious about your smile, then it's time to take matters into your own hands and look into some cosmetic dental services. Your cosmetic dentist can help transform virtually every part of your smile so that you can feel confident overtime you post a selfie. [Read More]

3 Subtle Signs Your Child May Have A Cavity

Sometimes, it isn't easy to tell what is bothering a child, especially if they are too young to talk. Unfortunately, early childhood tooth decay is a very real problem that your kid could be dealing with, which is why it is smart to be on the lookout for the earliest signs of dental decay. Here are three signs your child may have a cavity.  1.     Visible Discoloration Although most people correlate dental cavities to dark brown or black spots on the teeth, they actually start out as white lesions of demineralization. [Read More]

Do You Have To Use Pain Injections For A Tooth Drilling?

If you're nervous about injections or have another reason for not wanting Novocaine or another injected pain reliever during a tooth drilling, you have options. You don't have to accept any kind of treatment that you don't want, which includes getting Novocaine. Here's what you need to know about skipping Novocaine when having a tooth drilled. Where The Nerves Are Novocaine is used to numb pain, and pain is at its most basic level, an electrical signal sent by nerves to your brain. [Read More]

Problems Caused By Gaps Between Front Teeth And Solutions For Fixing Gaps

If you have lived with a gap between your front teeth your entire life and are tired of seeing this gap there, you can do something about it. Cosmetic dentists offer services that can close gaps, and there are several different options for fixing this common problem. Not only can fixing a gap help you look nicer, but fixing a gap is also a good idea if you want to keep your mouth healthy. [Read More]