How Do Special Needs Dentists Help Their Patients Feel More Comfortable?

If you have a child with special needs, then it is important that you find a dentist who cares for patients with special needs. Many parents wonder, though, how visiting a special needs dentist differs from visiting a general or family dentist. It all comes down to protocols. There are a few ways that special needs dentists typically help their patients feel more comfortable so that they're better able to perform the work needed to keep their patient's teeth in good shape.

What To Expect When You Have Crowns Put On Your Dental Implants

The most involved part of getting dental implants is the initial surgery during which the metal screw-like part of the implants is inserted into your jaw bone. After this is done, your gums will be stitched closed, and the implant will be given time to osseointegrate. The bone will fuse with the implant, and when this process is mostly complete — which happens a few months later — you will return to the dentist to have crowns attached to the implants.

Who's a Good Candidate for Same-Day Dental Implants?

Dental implants are typically done in 3 stages that can take 5 to 8 months to complete. However, implant technology has advanced to the point where the entire process can be done in one day. However, not everyone is a good candidate for it. Here's what you need to qualify for same-day dental implants. Your Jaw Bone Already has Adequate Density Dental implants come in three parts: the implant post, abutment, and crown.