Treating Your Tooth Problem With A Root Canal

Depending on the extent of your dental problems, a root canal may be a necessary procedure. Yet, most dental patients may not have much previous experience with a root canal.

A Root Canal May Be The Best Option For Saving A Tooth With A Dental Infection

One of the most common reasons for individuals to need to undergo a root canal will be the result of an extensive infection in the soft tissue of the tooth. When a patient is suffering from this problem, the dentist will be able to remove the infected tissue from the interior of the tooth. This procedure will be able to eliminate this bacteria and infection from the tooth so that the risk of it spreading or causing other issues can be reduced as much as possible.

The Root Canal Process Will Not Require Much Downtime From The Patient

Dental patients will often assume that a root canal is a procedure that will result in them needing a lengthy recovery. In reality, patients that undergo root canals should expect to experience minimal downtime as a result of the procedure. While a local anesthetic may be used for this procedure, it will be relatively short-acting, and this can make it much easier for the patient to return to their normal routine and responsibilities following this procedure.

A Crown Will Be Needed After The Root Canal Is Complete

Due to the fact that the root canal procedure will involve the removal of the infected tissue from inside the tooth, it will be necessary to reinforce it so that the strength of the tooth can be restored. While the dentist is likely to apply a specialized filler material on the interior of the tooth, this will not be sufficient to fully reinforce the tooth and restore its structural integrity. In addition to the use of this material, the patient may also need to have a dental crown placed over the tooth. This can provide an additional layer of protection to the treated tooth while also fully restoring its appearance.

For a patient that is needing to undergo a root canal procedure, being aware of the fact that this can be one of the best options for protecting a damaged tooth and restoring its appearance can help them to know what they should expect from this dental procedure. 

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