Signs You May Need Invisalign

Invisalign is a method of teeth alignment used by dentists for patients who prefer a discreet way of fixing their dental structure. You will find that many dental patients prefer Invisalign over regular metal braces due to their concealed nature. Invisalign is made of clear plastic; therefore, it can be hard for anyone to notice you are wearing one. 

Just like braces, Invisalign does a great job fixing several teeth alignment problems. Your dentist can adequately advise you on the best teeth alignment method best suited for you. However, if you want to get Invisalign, you can look out for the signs that would indicate you are a good candidate for the installation.

Crooked teeth

Crooked teeth can rob you of a good smile and lower your confidence. Invisalign might be the solution to your crooked teeth. Since Invisalign is custom-made according to your dental formulae, they strategically help to correctly re-align your teeth. You have to change your Invisalign after two weeks or so for the alignment to work perfectly. After a slight shift is noticed in your dental structure, your Invisalign will be readjustment with a new one to keep up with every change in your teeth alignment.

 Improper Bites

Various types of improper bites can affect your dental structure and even your speech. Overbites and lower and upper jaw protrusion are some known bite problems. If you experience any stated dental problems, you may be best suited for Invisalign. However, the extent of your dental problem may also determine the need for Invisalign. Invisalign may not rectify some cases, and you may need a jaw alignment treatment in extreme misalignment.  

You Stopped Wearing your Retainers

If you have had braces before, your dentist recommends wearing your retainer to ensure your teeth do not return to their misaligned state. For one reason or another, you may skip wearing your retainer and notice your teeth returning to the condition they were before braces. Invisalign can come to your rescue. The clear teeth alignment method will help you restore your smile.

The Need for an Inconspicuous Alignment Method

If you don't like the attention braces bring to your smile, Invisalign is the best option. Typically, the transparent nature of the Invisalign functions as a window to let your real teeth appear when you smile. With Invisalign, you may comfortably and discreetly straighten your teeth to their ideal position and structure. 

It's crucial to remember that Invisalign calls for extreme self-discipline. You must use Invisalign for the duration that your dentist specifies. Less time spent wearing Invisalign will impact how successfully the teeth will align. 

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