3 Reasons To Get Dental Implants To Replace Your Missing Teeth

Generally, the older you grow, the more your teeth become weak. So, if you don't stay on top of your dental health and oral hygiene, you might lose some of your teeth. Many adults with missing teeth assume it is not a big deal, especially if the gap is not at the front where it can be seen when they smile. However, ignoring these gaps can lead to further dental issues. That is why professional dentists recommend replacing them with dental implants. The article explains the top reasons you should not stay for a long time with dental gaps and why you need to consider implants.

1. You Increase the Risk of Getting Gum Diseases

When you lose a tooth, it leaves a wound on the gum. Considering that your mouth always has moisture and warmth, this spot can create the ideal environment for bacterial growth. Additionally, the gum is a soft tissue, so you may not be keen on brushing around the gap area. Therefore, the accumulated bacteria will eventually thrive and begin causing infections on the gum. When these infections are not caught early, they lead to severe diseases, and the gum will start receding. Unfortunately, gum diseases can affect your overall oral and body health.

2. Your Appearance May Change 

Your jawbone is responsible for maintaining your face's structure. However, it needs stimulation to maintain its shape and mass, and your teeth movements as you eat and talk give your jaw this stimulation. Therefore, when you have gaps in your mouth, your jaw does not get enough stimulation to maintain its mass. As a result, the jaw's mass will start reducing. After a while, you will also notice changes in your facial structures. Additionally, the jaw may become too unstable to hold the remaining teeth, increasing their chances of falling out.

3. Your Neighboring Teeth May Be Affected

Your teeth work best when they are close to each other, explaining why there is very little space between your teeth. However, losing a tooth leaves a wide gap between the teeth. That will cause the neighboring teeth to start moving towards the gap to cover it. Finally, the other teeth will also begin moving as they cover the space created by this shifting. So, if you fail to take action, you will have crooked teeth, which need more complicated cosmetic procedures.

When your tooth is extracted or damaged, it is important to get dental implants to replace them if you don't want to experience these problems. Dental implants will occupy the gap created by the missing teeth to maintain the strength in your gums and avoid further tooth loss. Therefore, consider visiting your dentist for dental implant surgery if any of your teeth are missing.