3 Things to Know About Overcrowding of the Teeth

Overcrowding of the teeth is a problem that many people have, and it refers to a situation where the teeth in a person's mouth cannot fit properly. The teeth are squished together and are not aligned properly in a row as they should be. If you have this problem in your mouth, here are three important things you should understand about overcrowding of the teeth.

Overcrowding Is Usually Something that Is Inherent

When a person has teeth that are overcrowded, it is usually because this is the way they were born. While they were not born with teeth, they were born with genetics and traits that they cannot change, and this includes the size of the mouth and the layout of the teeth. There are times when overcrowding is due simply to having a small mouth, and there are other times it is due to an event where the mouth experienced a lot of trauma. In any case, leaving the teeth in the state of being too crowded is not a good option.

Overcrowding Leads to Oral Problems

When a person's mouth is overcrowded with teeth, this person has a much higher risk of developing problems. The problems include having a higher risk of cavities forming, due to the way the teeth are shoved together. Additionally, overcrowding of the teeth tends to increase a person's risks of having bad breath and developing gum disease. People with overcrowded teeth also have a greater risk of developing joint pain in their jaw and many other issues.

Orthodontics Can Fix Overcrowding

The good news about overcrowding of the teeth is that there is a solution for it, and the top solution is braces. Before you can get braces to fix the problem, you would need to go through an evaluation by an orthodontist and complete any necessary steps he or she recommends. A common step needed to get braces for fixing overcrowding is having teeth removed. If your mouth is too crowded, you might not be able to keep all your teeth. If you get a couple removed, it would open up space in your mouth for all your teeth to fit in proper alignment. Braces can then be used to force the teeth into the right alignment.

If you currently have a mouth that is overcrowded, you should consider visiting an orthodontist to find out more about how braces can help you reduce your risks of oral problems and offer you a nicer smile.