Problems Caused By Gaps Between Front Teeth And Solutions For Fixing Gaps

If you have lived with a gap between your front teeth your entire life and are tired of seeing this gap there, you can do something about it. Cosmetic dentists offer services that can close gaps, and there are several different options for fixing this common problem. Not only can fixing a gap help you look nicer, but fixing a gap is also a good idea if you want to keep your mouth healthy.

Problems Gaps Can Cause If Left Unaddressed

The main problem you probably know about that is caused by a gap between front teeth is the way it makes people feel. People who have a gap between their front teeth often feel embarrassed by this. This can result in a lack of confidence and self-esteem, and it can actually make some people avoid smiling, simply so that they do not have to let people see this gap. This is a common problem, but it certainly is not the only problem.

One of the reasons that dentists like to address and fix gaps between front teeth is due to the way they can become food traps. A food trap is an area of the mouth that tends to attract and trap food in it, and any type of gap between teeth can become a food trap. The problem with this is that if food is left in the food trap, it can end up causing cavities to form in this area. Another problem a gap can cause is gum irritation. The gums in a gap will often become irritated, simply because food, floss, and brushing can result in this due to the exposure of the gums in this area.

Solutions for Fixing Gaps Between Front Teeth

The top three ways to fix a gap between the front teeth are braces, veneers, and composite bonding. Braces typically work best for this purpose when a person is in their teen years, but you can get braces at any age. Veneers are shells that cover teeth, and a dentist can create the shells wider than the teeth. When placed over the teeth, they will close the gap. Composite bonding is a material a dentist can add to widen the teeth, and the gap will close after this is complete.

Visiting a cosmetic dentist is a great way to find out what solutions would work best for the gap you have between your front teeth. To schedule an appointment, contact a clinic like The Smile Architects.