Your Questions Answered About Metal Braces For Gaps

High school is the period in a teenagers life in which some of the most memorable moments are experienced. A teens high school years can also be the most depressing and embarrassing, such as if he or she doesn't fit in with the popular crowd. If your teen is worried about going to high school for the first time due to the fear that other teens will make fun of the gaps between his or her teeth, there is something that can be done about it. 

Although metal braces can take a while to close up gapped teeth, they are worth considering for your teen. After browsing through the content below, you will know some general information about getting metal braces for your teen.

Who isn't a Good Candidate for Braces?

The most important thing to know about metal braces is that good jawbones are needed. Jawbones must be strong and in good shape for several reasons, but mainly because your teen's teeth must remain secure in them. Jawbone security is necessary because teeth can fall out as they begin moving if the bones are weak. Your teen's mouth will have to be examined by a dentist to find out if he or she is a good candidate for metal braces. Most problems that are commonly found during such an examination can be treated so braces can be installed, such as gum disease.

Will There Be Any Risks Involved?

One of the risks of getting metal braces is that your teen might experience some pain. The pain usually stems from the metal touching gum tissue improperly. Another risk that can be experienced is an infection developing, which can happen if the metal scrapes gum tissue and bacteria enters. An infection can usually be treated by taking a prescription of antibiotics. There is also the risk of your teen's gums bleeding, such as if the metal scrapes gum tissue.

How Long Does it Take for Gaps to Close Up?

When it comes to closing up gapped teeth with metal braces, there is a time limit in place. The reason why is because everyone's situation with their teeth is different, such as how large the gaps are. If the gaps are not large, it can possibly take a few months for them to close up. However, sometimes it takes several years for metal braces to close up gapped teeth. The process is slow because teeth are gradually moved closer together based on the pressure that is created by the braces.

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