2 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Loved One After They Have A Tooth Extracted Under Sedation

If you are going to take care of your loved one after their tooth extraction, you may what you need to do to keep them safe and comfortable after receiving sedation dentistry. If so, use the following tips for taking care of someone after they have had a tooth extracted while under sedation.

Prepare for the Ride Home

Before you drive your loved one to their appointment, prepare for the ride home by making sure the seatbelt in the front seat is working properly. Although they will be sleepy and may want to lay down in the backseat, you need to have them up front with you.

Putting them in the passenger's seat next to you ensures they will be properly restrained while on the road. If they lay down in the back seat, they could slide around if you have to slam on your brakes or are in a collision.

Also, put a blanket and pillow in the car to make them more comfortable on the way home. After sedation, they may feel cold so the blanket will keep them warm.

When selecting the pillow to take, make sure it is flat enough to place behind their head without bending their neck down. The pillow should also fit behind the shoulder belt, and the blanket should not restrict the fastening of their lap belt.

Stay with Them Until They Are Fully Awake

Once you have arrived home, stay with them until they are fully awake. Not only does this allow you to monitor their condition, but it also keeps you nearby in case they want to get up and move around.

Since your loved one will still be groggy, they may not be steady on their feet. Anytime they get up to go to the bathroom, walk beside them to help them keep their balance.

Staying with them also allows you to restrict their fluid intake until they wake up completely. After receiving the sedation, they may not be able to swallow correctly, making them choke or aspirate on the liquid.

You also want them to wake up completely before they drink anything so they can ascertain if the numbing medication in their gums has worn off completely. Trying to drink liquids while their mouth is still numb can also lead to choking because they cannot feel how they are swallowing.

Using the above tips can help you keep your loved one safe and comfortable while recovering from sedation after a tooth extraction. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with their dentist to seek the professional's advice on other ways to take care of someone after receiving dental sedation.