4 Surprising Ways Invaslign Differs from Braces

Invisalign provides people with a modern way of straightening their teeth. Also known as clear-aligner treatment, Invisalign procedures adjust teeth through transparent aligners that fit around your teeth. Only you and your dentist can decide together whether Invisalign is the right choice for your unique situation, but sometimes Invisalign serves as a good alternative to getting bracelets. In fact, here are four ways that Invisalign treatments are different from getting traditional braces.

Consider This: Invisalign Lets You Eat What You Want

If you opt for traditional braces, you may be discouraged by not eating hard candy, nuts, popcorn, ice, chips, bagels, licorice, and other delicious foods for the entire time you have braces. On the other hand, you never have to worry about depriving yourself of your favorite foods when you have an Invisalign aligner. Of course, with Invisalign it is still a good idea to eat foods that are healthy for your dental health and overall well-being, but no foods are off-limits just because you are receiving Invisalign treatment.

Consider This: Invisalign Is Invisible to Others

Traditional braces may be easy to spot even when someone is across the room. If you don't want people to see those, you have to be overly careful to avoid smiling or showing your teeth. That's no fun! The Invasign aligner is made a of a transparent plastic and so is pretty much invisible. If you would rather people not know that you are receiving Invisalign treatment, they don't have to know. The same can't be said of braces.  

Consider This: Invisalign Offers Comfort

Many patients find that Invisalign is more comfortable than traditional braces. Because it is made of smooth plastic instead of the sharp metal that other braces may have, the Invisalign aligner probably won't irritate your gums and cheeks like braces might.

Consider This: Invisalign Prevents Tooth Decay

While braces may sometimes impede normal brushing of teeth because you can't remove them, the same is not true for Invisalign. You can remove your aligner whenever you want to brush your teeth, floss, or swish with mouthwash. When you're already investing so much in getting lovely teeth, cavities are going to be the last thing that you want. Invisalign can make it easy for you to brush often and prevent tooth decay.

Finally, keep in mind that Invisalign may be able to solve all the dental woes you're experiencing. The best way to decide whether an Invisalign aligner is right for you is to visit your dentist for a check-up and express your current dental concerns. You may soon be well on your way to straighter, more attractive teeth because of the Invisalign.