Four Reasons You Need Your Dentist to Adjust Your Dentures

When you replace your missing teeth with dentures, your dentist is going to ensure that your dentures are the perfect fit for your mouth. However, this doesn't mean that the dentures are going to forever fit that way. Over time, things change and you may need your dentures adjusted. If you don't get an adjustment, living with your dentures can be difficult and the dentures can even change your speech, the way that you eat, and even your bone structure. Here are four of the main reasons you should have your dentist adjust your dentures:

  1. You're Pregnant: During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. At some point, you should visit your dentist to determine whether or not your dentures need adjusting. You can tell if you need an adjustment when your dentures start to feel uncomfortable as you continue along in your pregnancy. Once your dentist makes the adjustments, you can be sure that you are getting through your pregnancy comfortably and that your smile continues to look great for those maternity pictures. 
  2. Your Gums Have Receded: As you age, your gums are going to recede. At this point, your dentures need to be adjusted to accommodate for the receding gums. Otherwise, the dentures will become extremely loose and fall out more easily. Your dentist will need to adjust them to ensure that they stay secure on the shortened gum line. 
  3. The Dentures Fall Out Easily or Feel Too Tight: Whenever you have discomfort while wearing your dentures, you need to visit your dentist to determine whether or not your dentures need adjustment. You don't want to continue living with uncomfortably fitting dentures. In the end, this can change your bone structure and cause any remaining natural teeth that you have to shift, which is going to lead to extra dental work in the future. 
  4. You Often Have Mouth Sores: If you get mouth sores often, you need to visit your dentist to determine the source, which could be from improperly fitted dentures. This is because the dentures are not fitted properly, and they can cause stress on the gums, which is what leads to mouth sores. Mouth sores can be quite uncomfortable and can even lead to infection, which is not good for your oral health. It's important to address this right away. 

When you're familiar with these four reasons to have your dentist adjust your dentures, you can better determine when you should make an appointment and what concerns you need to bring up when you visit your dentist. Turn to a trusted dentist that provides dentures services, such as R. Troup Davis, DDS.