Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Smile

Beyond teeth whitening and braces lies a whole world of cosmetic dentistry that can change your mouth and give you the smile tat you have always wanted.  If you have ever shied away from smiling and/or experienced self-esteem problems because of the way your smile looks, it is worth investigating what cosmetic dentistry can do for you.

Here are some of the procedures that can be done to change the look of your smile:


Veneers change the color of your teeth and make your smile more vibrant and youthful.  They can also change the shape of teeth and change your smile drastically.  They cover the front side of the teeth and last longer than some other restorative pieces.


Bonding can address teeth that have spaces between them as well as a host of other appearance concerns.  Bonding can also be used to protect an exposed root.  This process is often combined with others to add durability. 

Enamel shaping

Enamel shaping contours your enamel to fix crooked, overlapping, or chipped teeth. It can also be used to address bite issues.

Plastic procedures

Dentist can assist in affecting the appearance of an uneven gum line, teeth that appear to be short or exceedingly long, and indentations into your gum.


Implants are a permanent replacement for missing teeth.  Implants are different from bridges in that they do not depend upon or add stress to the surrounding teeth.  They are also different from dentures in that they are not removable; implants are placed directly into your jawbone.

A three part process that includes metal fused to the jawbone, an abutment that will cover the implant, and a crown that is formed to create a natural appearance, implants are very sturdy replacements for broken or missing teeth.

Some changes to teeth happen over time or as a result of being exposed to certain variables such as discoloration.  Some tooth concerns are a product of the jawbone.  Some tooth changes happen because of an accident.  Whatever it is and however it was caused, cosmetic dentistry can help.

Cosmetic dentistry not only transforms a person's outward appearance but it is also pivotal in changing one's outlook about themselves.  Patients typically gain self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life and their place in it.  If your needs go beyond store bought teeth whitening kits, if your outlook on life would change with a different smile, cosmetic dentistry is worth taking a look at.

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